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Squad Busters tier list - Best characters to build your squad with

Squad Busters tier list - Best characters to build your squad with

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Updated on: July 11th, 2024Version: 5.261.14 - Added: Bandit, Ice Wizard, Dr.T and Jesse

Want to assemble the best squad possible and dominate all the arenas? Then you might be interested in learning the best characters in the game! For that, I've created a special Squad Busters tier list, so you know exactly which characters to keep an eye out for in the chests and Shop!

Why would you need a Squad Busters tier list, you may wonder. The answer to that is simple. This is an action game that actually combines its casual play style with a lot of strategy. You need to have good characters in order to beat opponents who are just hastily forming a team. For that, you need to know who those characters are.

Once you have a handle on that, it's important to know who your characters are. This tier list will help you better understand who you should focus on, and why. 

squad busters characters acquired list

Rarity doesn't automatically make a character top-tier!

One important thing to keep in mind is that even if a character is Epic, that doesn't mean they are S-tier. There are Epic characters that are quite underwhelming and Rare ones that are top-tier. 

The only thing that matters is their skill, their Evolution level, and the synergy they have on the battlefield alongside the other characters you recruit (of course, that's covered in more detail in the best squad combinations article we mentioned before).

Squad Busters character tier list

For now, we're focused on how well they perform individually based on their skill and Evolution, so without further ado, let's check out the Squad Busters tier list!
Tier Characters
S Barbarian King, Hog Rider, Archer Queen, Penny, Tank, Witch
A Heavy, Max, Barbarian, Mortis, Bea, Bo, Wizard, El Primo
B Nita, Royale King, Shelly, Battle Healer, Trader, Mavis, Greg, Medic, Colt
C Dynamike, Pam
D Chicken, Goblin

Check the following pages for more detailed information on each one of the characters in the tier list!
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S Tier

Squad Busters Barbarian King acquisition

Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is a great Defender, meaning he's a melee unit that has good survivability. He buffs other melee units' attack speed, and at higher ranks, he becomes an increasingly tougher opponent.

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is an outstanding unit, especially in the Green World, because whenever he's on Grass terrain, he gets a Turbo boost. At higher ranks, this Turbo boost is increased, so the more you Evolve him, the faster he is.

Archer Queen

Similar to the Barbarian King, Archer Queen is a character that boosts the attack speed of your units, but this time she buffs the ranged units. She's perfect alongside other ranged characters, and once you make her at least 2* (Classic), she has a chance to fire exploding arrows, which is a great damage boost.


Even though Penny is a Rare character, she is great for farming. She can discover Treasures, Keys, Hearts, and at max rank, Treasures grant even more loot. If there's a Rare character that is worth maxing out, Penny is the one.


Tank is a Rare Defender that can take control of the Tanks in the maps. She is a top-tier character because when played well, she can completely turn the battle in her favour. She's easy to learn, but harder to master. To make full use of her kit, you should always pay attention to the enemies surrounding you.


If you like summoners, Witch is the character you should always try to go for. She can summon Skeletons, and the more you Evolve her, the better these Skeletons get. She's outstanding at 1* (Baby), but from 2* onward she's just outrageously strong (although she's not that tanky).

A Tier

Barbarian evolution


With Heavy you don't want to be moving around too much. He increases his attack speed when he's stationery, so the more you stay in one spot, the faster Heavy's attacks will be. Further Evolutions will boost this, so if he fits your playstyle, try to get him at least 2* so he can also heal.

El Primo

El Primo is a decent Defender that has sustain. He can heal some of his HP back at higher Evolutions, but even without being maxed out, he is still extremely tanky.


Max is all about speed. With Max on your team, you want to hunt down enemies to further enhance this speed buff, and also have units that fit nicely in a team with him.


Barbarian is the first Squad Busters character you unlock but he's also a very good one. He deals melee damage, and his synergy at higher Evolutions with other Barbarians is downright amazing.


Mortis is the equivalent of a Necromancer in Squad Busters. He can revive 3 dead Monsters in the team, and at maximum Evolution, he can be a force to be reckoned with. At maximum rank, the enemies killed can also spawn Bats, thus increasing your team's numbers by A LOT.


If you like bees, Bea is your girl. She can pick up Hives to summon bees, which has a pretty good effect when used correctly. It's not an easy character to play with, but once mastered, these bees can really come in handy!


Bo could easily be an S-tier character at max Evolution. He is a beast in PvE (vs Monsters), but extremely fragile, having one of the lowest HPs in the game. When picking Bo, you want to either have a full team of PvE characters and try to avoid PvP at all costs or just play something else.


If you love Spells, then Wizard is your guy. He lets you have 2 Spells at once when he reaches 2*, and he can work extremely well in most teams, for both PvE and PvP.

Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard has some really powerful spells that if you manage to hit can deal a lot of damage to your enemies. On top of that his kit includes crowd control in the form of freeze. On the flip side, Ice Wizard is weak on his own due to his very low health. He needs a team around him to support him.


Dr. T can unleash his Mega Crab to chase other Squads and ignore normal monsters. Decent overall but nothing extraordinary.


Jesse spawns after opening a chest and in her super form (Ultra) she drops a turret spell that allows you to place Scrappy anywhere you want.

B Tier

Squad Busters Medic


Nita is another summoner, but the animal she summons is a Bear. Although not as strong as Witch (not even close, may I add), Nita is a pretty decent Defender.

Royale King

Royale King is an Epic Defender, but his kit is highly dependent on opening Chests. This might not always work in the team's favour unless he's paired with Bo or other PvE-oriented characters.


Although Shelly is an All-Rounder, she feels more like a Support character than anything else. She can be decent occasionally, but she is extremely situational.

Battle Healer

As the name implies, Battle Healer is a healer (no surprise there!). He can increase the health of the squad, and heal the squad whenever you open a Chest. Seems like another PvE character to me, but one that can work in PvP too!


The Trader can be an okay character when it comes to PvE because he grants you Gems based on the number of Coins you collect. At higher ranks, he can increase the number of Gems and even heal the team.


Mavis can pick Carrots for additional loot, and at higher ranks can also heal the team. It's a decent unit, but nothing too "wow".


Similar to Mavis, Greg is another Supplier, but his focus is on Trees. He has decent HP, but his damage is not that great.


You guessed it - Medic is a Healer! His heal is not that great, but he has decent HP (for a Healer) and you get a passive heal. Can't complain if you need some healing and he's the only one available!


Colt is actually a pretty good Attacker! His damage is very good, even at 1*. At maximum rank, I believe he can be an A-tier or even S-tier sometimes, especially if you have Archer Queen.


The Bandit is a supplier character that gives you gems when you summon it. Starts off rather weak, but gets stronger as it evolves. He's good in certain modes for sure but other than that, there are better alternatives for sure.

C Tier

Dynamike character acquisition


I tried making Dynamike work, but he's just underwhelming. His attacks are very slow, and his damage is also lacking. Don't recommend bothering with him too much, unless you have no other option.


Pam is a decent Healer, but her skill revolves around opening chests. She can work in a PvE team, but not much anywhere else.

D Tier

Unlocking the Chicken


The Chicken is slightly better than the Goblin, but only by a fraction. It's a character not worth bothering with.


The Goblin is, in my opinion, the worst character you could go for. His damage is lacking, and the number of Coins you get is just not worth it.

That's the complete Squad Busters tier list. For more content like this, visit the Invincible: Guarding the Globe tier list if superheroes are your thing, or Astra: Knights of Veda tier list if you're looking for something different.

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