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Squad Busters - Best squad combinations

Squad Busters - Best squad combinations

We made four squads that are overpowered at the moment, but I'm sure more will pop up. When meta changes, we'll change the squads and add the new ones.

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When your aim is to create the best squads in Squad Busters, you need to have a few characters with good synergy. Today I'm sharing a list of some of the best squads that you can try to get to dominate the arenas!

Since you are not guaranteed to get but a few of these characters, you should consider starting with the first squad I've shared, because that is the one you're almost certain to form throughout a match. 

At the very beginning, you can only obtain some of these characters, starting with Barbarian and Barbarian King, so that's the easiest one to form. I've shared a few more, of course, because as you progress and open more chests, the chances of getting the other characters increase.

I've also got a less popular formation, one that is not meta and is completely focused on PvE, while trying to avoid PvP at all costs. That might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is more than a single way of playing this game, so if you become a pro at playing Squad Busters "PvE", then you can easily secure your top 5 spot. 

squad busters chest opening where you can select your next squad member

You need a balanced squad

I know that most of the time you can't exactly "choose" which characters you get next, but you can always make adjustments and try to work the character roster in your favour. For that, you should always have some sustain, some damage, and someone to be the "front line" - even if that someone is a Warrior like the Barbarian or Barbarian King. 

Having some support can also prove extremely helpful, especially if you have a good healer. As for the farmers, you should always have one on your team, to help you in the early stages of the game, and later to help you squeeze those extra Gems that can make or break your placement. 

When it comes to damage dealers, there are a plethora of characters for you to use. Try aiming for some of the teams listed below, because the synergy between all of these elements (farming/PvE, support, and damage) is present in all of them. 

Check out the next pages to see some of the best squads in Squad Busters and learn how to always rank in the top 5, or better!

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Squad #1 - Barbarian King + Barbarian + other melee characters

Squad 1: barbarian and barbarian king

This first squad formation revolves around the Barbarian King and the Barbarian. These two are core to your team, while the rest of the characters can be virtually anything.

It's one of the easiest and most efficient team formations you can pull right now. They are tanky, and can do quite a lot of damage, especially when you Evolve them. It's a good start, and if you manage to get them both relatively early on, then you can shift your attention towards other characters that can fit in the team.

I personally like going for at least one ranged unit and support, and one more character depending on what my team is lacking. As long as you have the core of the team, the rest of the characters can be anything - Hog Rider, Greg, or any other character that you have.

As for the support part of the team, you can aim to get either Medic or Battle Healer, since they both can work pretty well in this comp. Battle Healer works slightly better, since she increases the HP of the characters too, which makes them even tankier. Even though her healing is not that great, unless you're constantly opening Chests, it can still work.

Squad #2 - Archer Queen + Colt + Bo + Medic + Barbarian or Nita

Squad 2: Archer Queen, Colt, Bo, Medic, Nita

This team is very powerful in terms of damage, but it is extremely squishy. Being that most of the team members are ranged, you can expect them not to be very tanky.

Archer Queen has amazing synergy with Colt and Bo, and they are your main damage dealers. Since Archer Queen increases the damage of ranged characters, it's only natural you aim to maximise this as much as you can. That's why both Colt and Bo can work well when paired up with her.

As for Medic, you need some sort of sustain, so the best option is Medic unless you go for Pam, and try to max your characters while farming and opening chests.

Even though this team is heavily reliant on ranged damage, you need one character to act as a front line, so that's why Barbarian or Nita can work well here. The Barbarian is the "budget" version, while Nita is the ideal one. With Nita you also have the summon that she casts to provide a little bit more tankiness, so try to get her if possible.

Squad #3 - Witch + Barbarian + Barbarian King + Nita + Battle Healer

Squad 3: Witch, Barbarian, Barbarian King, Nita, Battle Healer

This formation is not set in stone, but it is extremely fun to play! It's essentially a formation where you overwhelm the enemy with numbers, with the summons granted by Witch and Nita.

With Barbarian King and Barbarian you have a solid front line (and Nita with her bear), but with Battle Healer's buff, you make them a lot tankier.

The goal of this squad formation is to overwhelm enemies with numbers and take them down before they've strengthened their teams. You can always opt for even more summons by using Mortis instead of Nita, or even instead of the Barbarian.

It's not very easy to acquire all of these characters, but if you manage to do it, it's most certainly a team that can take opponents by surprise. Keep in mind that it's very flexible since you can swap many of them out for other characters that you have, as long as you have the Witch and a solid front line and support.

Squad #4 - Mavis + Penny + Greg + Trader + Max or Chicken

Squad 4: Mavis, Penny, Greg, Trader, Max

This is a fun team right here! Remember how I mentioned a full PvE team before, where you have close to no PvP prowess? Well, this is the ultimate team. Let me explain why it is the way it is!

Mavis is an amazing unit when it comes to getting loot. She is one of the farmers who can harvest Carrots from the battlefield for additional loot, which means that you will get a lot of Coins by doing so.

Afterwards, we have Trader, whose synergy with Mavis and the rest is just brilliant. Trader gives you 2 Gems for every 15 Coins at the least, and at higher ranks, he gets much, much better.

Greg is a melee farmer who, similar to Mavis, because he chops down Trees for loot. Mavis + Greg make Trader extremely good in here.

As for Max or Chicken, it's pretty simple: you want a fifth unit that buffs the speed of your team, so you can avoid combat. I bet that's not what you had in mind, is it?

Chicken gives you 2 Turbo Boosts, and can even spawn Hatchlings, while Max gives you a Squad Speed boost. This, plus the high flat Attack that Max has, makes him a good character to have in the scenario that you will encounter combat.

Note: This is a fun team! It's heavily reliant on farming, so your goal should always be to stay on the lookout for other players and avoid fighting altogether. You want to farm, farm, farm, and FARM SOME MORE!

These are currently the best squads in Squad Busters that you can build. Of course, as the game gets updated with new characters, we will update it. And, as a bonus, here's a link to the guide that will explain how to unlock all characters in Squad Busters, including the ones you'll need for these squads.

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