Squad Busters hypes upcoming launch with star-studded teaser trailer

The trailer features stars like Auli'i Cravalho and Ken Jeong

Squad Busters hypes upcoming launch with star-studded teaser trailer
  • Squad Busters latest teaser trailer has just been released
  • Launch is right around the corner and Supercell has piled on the Hollywood star power
  • Are they putting too much in the way of expectations on Squad Busters?

With launch day (quite literally) right around the corner, Squad Busters' marketing has turned up the heat. And one way that Supercell is building hype for their first major global launch in over five years is with a brand new teaser trailer, featuring Hollywood stars Chris Hemsworth, Christina Ricci, Ken Jeong, Will Arnett and Auli'i Cravalho.

Now, this isn't the full trailer, as that's set to hit on release. But this teaser certainly indicates the marketing budget for Squad Busters must be pretty high to bring in some of these big-name actors.

Check out the teaser trailer below!

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The Squad is coming

While Supercell isn't exactly strangers to marketing featuring big names (see: the recent Erling Haaland stuff) this latest ad is a bit 'next-level'. For their first launch in half-a-decade Supercell seems to be pulling out all the stops, but as we noted in one of our recent opinion pieces, are they putting a bit too much in the way of expectations on it?

Well, probably not. After all, Squad Busters has received a huge amount of praise which drove it to an uncharacteristically brief early access to-launch window. Supercell, who usually axes underperforming games, seems to see a real winner with Squad Busters, hence the huge marketing push it's been getting.

With Squad Busters hitting storefronts tomorrow we'll be laser-focusing on the game and what it offers for players. So if you're a Supercell fan and somehow haven't heard of Squad Busters, be sure to check it out!

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