Get your Spore creations made into 3D sculptures

EA partnering with sculptor to bring Spores to life

Get your Spore creations made into 3D sculptures

Since its launch (true enough, more on the PC than anything else, but it’s still been a mobile, iPod and iPhone hit) players have created more than 40 million Spore creatures, vehicles and buildings. So EA has teamed up with sculpture specialists Z Corporation to help bring your creations to life.

"At its heart, Spore is a tool for creativity,” says Patrick Buechner, veep of marketing at Maxis.

“We wanted to give players a way to extend their in-game creativity to the real world. The flexibility of the in-game creation tools allows an almost limitless variety of Spore Sculptures."

Z Corporation's Spore Sculptures website allows you to submit your Spore creature and have it crafted by the unique 3D modelling equipment up to four inches tall.

There are certain limitations - mainly physical ones, so your sculpture won’t break under its own weight or be required to fly, but otherwise Z Corporation seems to be doing a splendid job of lifting Spore off the screen.

Spore creatures come to life!

Check out the official site . It's only a shame this didn't come along in time for Chrissy pressies, eh? Next year.