iPhone Spore Origins drops in price

Affordable evolution – but only in the US

iPhone Spore Origins drops in price

Now the Spore craze has subsided a bit, EA is apparently looking to keep the species alive by chopping a couple of bucks off the US iPhone version's price – though it remains unchanged at App Store UK (and, from what we can tell, other European regions). You'd think we'd be used to it, considering the game was released in the US before we were graced with it, but it still stings a litte.

It's also got to be mildly irritating for those who were good enough to board the band wagon when it first set off, but at least the more frugal iPhoners now have a good excuse to take a look at this remarkable new gaming life form.

Indeed, Spore Origins highlights a trend that seems to be permeating iPhone game sales; releasing at one price, then quickly reducing it once the initial wave of sales subsides. Unfortunately, all this is going to encourage is for gamers to hold back on buying new iPhone games – and it'd be hard to blame them.

In all likelihood, EA will realise the recession is coming to Britain too and we'll also be able to enjoy cheap genetics. Click 'Track It!' to watch this space.