EA Mobile joins the free iPhone games wave

Spore Origins gets a Lite edition in the US

EA Mobile joins the free iPhone games wave

Freeconomics is making its presence felt on the iPhone App Store, even among the largest publishers.

We wrote yesterday about Namco's decision to release a free one-level demo of Pac-Man for the iPhone. Now the publisher has been joined by EA Mobile, which has done a similar thing for its Spore Origins game, albeit only in the US.

Not that EA Mobile is following the herd when it comes to naming. Rather than calling it Spore Origins Lite, the freebie version is called Free Spore Origins LE.

Like Pac-Man, the game offers one level only before upselling players to the full thing. The aim is clearly to give people a taster of how the game's accelerometer and camera features work.

With Namco and EA going free, App Store demos look here to stay. The question is what Apple plans to do about the trend. It would make sense to somehow gather these demos in their own category (beyond the pure 'Free Apps' one), to make them easier to find.