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SpongeBob Adventures In A Jam tips and tricks to get started

SpongeBob Adventures In A Jam tips and tricks to get started

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A new Spongebob Squarepants game has made its way onto mobile devices. SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam has you exploring the town of Bikini Bottom while it's been covered in jam by Plankton, in some sort of plan to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. A lot of the town needs to be rebuilt, with farming and discovering aspects of the game being the main focus. SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam is full of quests, plants to grow, places to decorate, characters from the TV series, and lots of jam from jellyfish! It's a fairly easy game to get into, but we wanted to share some tips and tricks to get started with the game.

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Tip #1 - Find Treasure Chests

There are tons of treasure chests hidden all around the game. Guiding your character to walk close to the treasure will show a hint above the chest, allowing you to tap them. These chests contain coins, energy and other valuables that you will use during your time playing the game.

Tip #2 - Gaining More Energy

If you find yourself running out of energy quickly and need a little boost, collecting more energy from The Sugar Squeeze Cart and the Candy Vending machine will help you!

Tip #3 - Trade with Crystal Dave

Crystal Dave has a bunch of limited-time offers, so it is well worth checking to see what he has to trade from time to time. If you complete all of Dave's offers, you will also get a special reward in the game.

Tip #4 - SpongeBob's Collection

SpongeBob's House can be used to store your extra hobby items, especially if you are looking to fill your collection to exchange it for other goods within the game. These rewards are more useful than the hobby items themselves, so are good to keep an eye on.

Tip #5 - Gaining more Coins

If you are looking for more coins in the game, it's worth checking the Bubble Stand, which produces Elephant Bubbles that can be sold for a large amount of coins.

Tip #6 - Gem Purchases on Animals

If you are looking to increase the production time of your animals, purchasing one with Gems will produce faster and at a higher rate than other animals in the game.

Tip #7 - Golden Nuggets

After your animal has finished production, it will become a golden statue. You can tap on the statue to collect golden nuggets, which are used to craft a spatula at the Fry Cook Museum. Crafting this spatula can give you extra energy!

Tip #8 - Keep an eye on everything

It's worth always keeping an eye on your buildings and objects in the game, as some give out special rewards periodically. Once you get Gary back from the Jelly Pit, for example, he will drop jelly for free!

Tip #9 - Earning XP

Completing orders from the order board is the best way to earn XP in the game. Before you go to bed for the evening, it's worth making sure you plant and fill the crafting queue so that the game can continue without you, and you'll have plenty of items to fulfil orders when you next play.

Tip #10 - Increase production

If you are looking to produce more resources to complete more orders, you should consider purchasing extra queue cells in your various production buildings.

Tip #11 - Focus on Adventure Challenges

You will gain more rewards when you complete Adventure Challenges by removing the jam and other debris from the area. These locations in each chapter can be completed to earn an extra reward.

Tip #12 - Explore the map

When you explore and venture off the main path, you can find more rewards and gems that you will likely need for progression.

Tip #13 - Pet Bonuses

Your pets will activate their bonuses by spending energy. Each pet has a different bonus - the Lion Fish will remove any debris, for example, no matter how much energy it requires. Make sure you are using your pet's bonus to help with your current goals.

Tip #14 - Exploding Pies

Make sure that you are using your exploding pies to create paths through the debris. These are very powerful objects and should be used in the best way possible.

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