Split/Second races onto iPhone in the US

No word regarding a worldwhile release as of yet

Split/Second races onto iPhone in the US
| Split/Second

When your city is about to be blown to pieces, a good tactic would be to get out of there. Fast.

Black Rock Studios understands this all too well, and has supplied cars for making that essential getaway. Really fast cars.

Split/Second has now been released for iPhone, to coincide with the console versions. Your job is to race out of harm's way while a TV crew films the whole ordeal.

Special Power Plays can be used to hold back your opponents, blast open shortcuts, and ensure you're first over the finishing line.

The iPhone edition includes nine tracks from the Xbox and PS3 release, set in the Airport, Downtown, and Port areas.

Free updates are promised too, adding new locations, vehicles, and extra goodies.

Split/Second is available now in the US App Store for $6.99.