Spirit of the Island, the co-op life sim from PID Games, is coming this summer

Look out for it, releasing July 16th!

Spirit of the Island, the co-op life sim from PID Games, is coming this summer
  • Spirit of the Island, the upcoming life-sim from PID Games, is set to release July 16th
  • Boasting a whole bevy of skills, crafting options and more, it promises to be a feature-rich game
  • You can also play it with a friend thanks to the game's in-built co-op features

Spirit of the Island, PID Games' upcoming life sim, is set to make its debut on the iOS App Store and Google Play on July 16th, it has been announced. The game, which lets you renovate a run-down tropical island resort, offers co-op gameplay and a bevvy of skills and crafting options.

We covered Spirit of the Island when it first opened pre-registration, and pretty much everything we said of it there remains true. Spirit of the Island will take you across an island archipelago, letting you explore various biomes and rebuild the run-down buildings into a thriving tourist destination.

Naturally, this means all the bells and whistles of any good life sim. Crafting, fishing, farming and more that let you live out your peaceful life dreams, all while working alongside your friends with the game's co-op feature.

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Farm it

New life sims are always welcome, and we seem to have seen a glut of them recently. But given the formula is one that made games like Animal Crossing into massive hits on handheld consoles, we're honestly more surprised that it's taken this long for mobile to capitalise on it.

The decision to add co-op, we think, will give Spirit of the Island great future potential. And with a promised up-front price, we hope that means you won't even need to suffer through any ads as you build your ideal vacation paradise.

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