Indie puzzle game SpaceChem hitting iPad on October 1st for £3.99 / $5.99

Android version possible

Indie puzzle game SpaceChem hitting iPad on October 1st for £3.99 / $5.99
| SpaceChem Mobile

"A direct port" of Zachtronics Industries's popular indie puzzle game SpaceChem will hit the App Store on October 1st, albeit with a few noticeable differences.

For example, the game's main campaign will not include any boss battles or indeed a story, but more optional pipe lines will allow you to progress more easily.

"From a usability standpoint, the boss battles just didn’t work on the iPad, so instead of having them there and suck we removed them. Unfortunately, without the boss battles the story made zero sense, so it had to go as well," developer Zach Barth said on his website.

Video recording and forum signature generation will also be absent from the release.


Naturally, SpaceChem's controls have been re-imagined for the iPad's touchscreen, with a re-positioned toolbar and a new way to place instructions making the process quicker and easier.

If the iPad port of SpaceChem "does well", Zachtronics Industries will look into releasing an Android version of the game.

SpaceChem Mobile will hit Apple's App Store on October 1st for £3.99 / $5.99.