Space Grunts 2 is available to pre-register for Android now following its iOS release last year

The deck-building focused follow up to Space Grunts

Space Grunts 2 is available to pre-register for Android now following its iOS release last year

OrangePixel's follow up to Space Grunts was released on iOS late last year. If you're an Android user who felt a little left out you'll be pleased to know that Space Grunts 2 is now available to pre-register on your preferred platform. There's no specific release date beyond 'coming soon' yet though.

Space Grunts 2 is a different prospect to its predecessor, swapping out the turn-based battles for deck-building instead. This brings a whole new depth to proceedings as previously you had a choice of three weapons and everything else revolved around planning your movements.

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With an ever-changing deck to build as you play though, there should be more options available to you with each encounter. Some cards will allow you to damage in an area so you can deal with multiple enemies at once whilst another could be used to bolster your defences to mitigate the damage from an impending, unavoidable attack.

Beyond that, there are cards that simply make noise so you can tempt your enemies over, allowing you to plan a devastating attack on them or simply tempt them away from the exit they're blocking, allowing you to successfully sneak by. There's even a card called Infection which will cause aliens of the same type to lose 4 HP if one of their brethren dies nearby to them, which sounds awesome. 

You'll also be rewarded if you take the time to explore every nook and cranny instead of dashing straight for the exit. The numerous secret passageways hidden in each stage can lead to rare cards that could massively boost the power of your current deck.

Space Grunts 2 is available to pre-register now over on Google Play. If you're an iOS user though you can buy the game over on the App Store now. It is a premium title that costs £3.99.

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