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Card-based roguelike Space Grunts 2 warps its way onto Android today

Card-based roguelike adventuring in a sci-fi setting

Card-based roguelike Space Grunts 2 warps its way onto Android today
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Space Grunts 2 has warped its way over to Google Play after launching first for iOS late last year. Orange Pixel's original was a grid-based roguelike with a neat sci-fi setting.

Despite the sequel being set in the same universe, boasting a similar art style, and also pulling heavily from the roguelike genre, it's actually rather different from its predecessor in one key way: It's a card-based roguelike.

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Levels are procedurally generated to keep each run feeling fresh, and you can expect random events aplenty to pop up as you continue to explore the world, take on enemies, and discover the rarest of cards.

On one run, you may have to deal with spontaneous fires due to the planet you're on rapidly heating up. Then on the next, a deadly infestation may have spread that you're then left to deal with. Alternate routes are also available, which should give you some choice in how and where you want to explore.

A large part of the appeal here is building a sizable and unstoppable deck of cards with which to challenge enemies. Interestingly, you'll also be able to collect modifier cards that change the rules of the game in weird ways.

Harry reviewed the original Space Grunts all the way back in early 2016, saying "Space Grunts is solid, almost workman-like in pretty much every aspect of its existence. It looks nice, it plays nice, and is just generally nice". Despite being a good time, he did bring up a number of small issues that, when paired with the overall lack of flair, brought the game down a tad.

If you're a fan of the original and want to see where the team has taken the sequel, you'll find Space Grunts 2 available for purchase from both the App Store and Google Play.

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