South Park Pack - Double Trouble

What’s particularly funny about South Park is that while you’re laughing at the outrageous jokes and actions of Cartman and pals, the South Park creators are laughing right back at you.

That we lap up the abusive nonsense those guys spew out is indeed pretty ridiculous, but what can we do? South Park is just so damn funny we’re stuck with the fact that no matter what Stone and Parker turn out, we’ll buy it, watch it, play it, laugh at it, lick it, abuse it and murder its parents, put them in a chilli, and feed it back to it.

RealNetworks has a couple of spare South Park franchises kicking around its offices, apparently, and it's put them in a new box to sell to us again.

Inside the box is South Park 10 (a platformer celebrating ten series of the show) and South Park Imaginationland (a tedious puzzle effort with Butters in a bubble). We’ll kick off with the best of the pair, South Park 10, which celebrates ten years of snow covered controversy in almost every way you can think of.

It brings out a comprehensive cast of cameos and fits them into mini-games that tie-in with favourite episodes of seasons one to ten.

To someone who’s never spent much time in television's favourite white bread, red neck town it’ll seem utterly bizarre - flipping cows about the place, chucking ninja stars, barricading doors against rampaging pensioners, or crawling round the bowels of an S&M slave looking for animal spirits.

The levels of spectacular obscurity coupled with some surprisingly slick gameplay and clean cut graphics makes South Park 10 immediately playable, and particularly appealing for the legions of ardent fans out there who’ll appreciate every in-joke.

Imaginationland is quite different, however. This game picks up on a three part story from series 11, in which terrorists attack the world’s imagination. To be honest, the story wasn’t the best we’ve seen from the boys, and the accompanying mobile game has sod all to do with it anyway.

Butters is placed inside a bubble, and your task is to catapult the unfortunate boy around the screen collecting up rainbows, bounding off mushrooms and ultimately landing on the purple goal area.

It’s essentially Mr. Goodliving’s (developer of Imaginationland) Turbo Camels: Circus Extreme coarsely rebranded and peddled to those who don’t know no better.

Without the vital rag doll physics of Circus Extreme, it lacks its forerunner's appeal. One thumb gaming is all very well, but what sometimes feels like one-press gaming is taking the concept a little far.

South Park Pack - Double Trouble is half good, so the real decision here is whether to buy South Park 10 on its own, or buy the double pack and get a little bit of extra value. Just ask yourself, “What would Brian Boitano do?”

South Park Pack - Double Trouble

A twin pack of South Park antics consisting of one superb game, and one that’s about as much fun as chewing tin foil. Weigh up the prices, and buy whichever version of South Park 10 is cheapest. If you already own South Park 10, job’s a good ‘un
Spanner Spencer
Spanner Spencer
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