App Army Assemble: Sorcery! 4

The best of the bunch or an unsatisfying conclusion?

App Army Assemble: Sorcery! 4
| Sorcery! Part 4

The Sorcery! Saga has drawn to a close in the latest entry of inkle's PC and mobile choose your own adventure series, Sorcery! 4.

It picks up right from where part three left off, with you right at the gates of Mampang, and sees you complete your journey - to collect the Crown of Kings and save the world - but only if you're strong enough to make it.

Check out the full PG review for our opinion, but if you're looking for an alternative one, you can read on for the thoughts of our hardened bunch of mobile gaming experts in the App Army.


I'm only a few minutes in and already the quality is shining through. The combat system is very cool - I won my first battle against a Spikehawk that was hiding in some bushes.

You simply slide your character to the right towards the enemy, with how far you slide dictating the power of your attacks. The more power you use, the less energy you have for the next attack so you have to plan ahead to walk away unscathed. It's all very slick and works extremely well.

Chase Geier

It's good so far, with a decent story, artwork, and sound design.

Edward Davis

This is a pretty standard inkle game! The story is deep and engaging and the graphics are charming enough to keep you awed. The learning curve isn't too steep but the more you know about the game the better.

It needs commitment. If you want to get anywhere, you need to sit down for a long stint. It doesn't feel like a grind because the story is entertaining, but you need to be prepared for a lot of reading.

Having played the previous games and 80 Days, this is no surprise, but it's not the type of game for people who want something easygoing.

Tony Teulan

What a wonderful reimagining of the gamebooks. More than decent for anyone but if you are a fan of the series, you'll love it. I did find it crashed at random spots which resulted in the occasional loss of progress. But it wasn't a gamebreaker.

Quincy Jones

Not sure if it's because I skipped the first three games but I'm not really enjoying this.

I think a game should feel inviting to new players as well as those who've been on the journey all along. It's just not enough to hold my attention.

I never really felt anything for my character and the battles are repetitive. It just didn't do it for me. I'm a fan of the Fighting Fantasy series but this game seems to be geared towards those who played the first three.

As someone new to the series I didn't feel welcomed and because of that I never really wanted to stay.

Laura Egri

Sorcery! 4 is really good, but I'd recommend playing the first three if you're not familiar with the story. The gameplay and the atmosphere are very appealing and two hours passed without me even realising.

You have to like story driven RPGs though, and for those who do the plot is great. It's easy to pick up and play, but it requires a lot of patience. There's so much to do before you reach the end.

Ethan Harold

I've played a little bit of the other games which were pretty good, but I think this one is the best yet. I love the board game style, and the map layout.

The gameplay is fun and engaging, and the story is very intriguing. Definitely worthy of the series.

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