Sonic CD coming to Xperia Play after all

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Sonic CD coming to Xperia Play after all

Although Sega previously said there were no concrete plans to optimise the re-release of Sonic CD for the Xperia Play, it has now decided that the speedy hedgehog will be coming to the device after all.

The developer had teased last month that it may change its mind by admitting that the Xperia Play “offers some pretty unique opportunities for us as developers” and adding that “you never know when we’ll announce something new.”

Well, that's just what happened.

“We weren't quite ready to announce the details yet," SEGA told Pocket Gamer, "but we've had our development team working hard to make sure we take full advantage of the Xperia Play's unique capabilities."

“Sega is glad to officially announce today that Sonic CD will fully support the Xperia Play when it hits the Android Marketplace.”

Sonic CD is one of the lesser-known Sonic titles, having been released primarily on the ill-fated Sega CD. The re-release will be coming to Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and will feature widescreen graphics and Xbox Live achievements on Windows phones. It’s due for release sometime this month.