Sega announces Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice exclusively for 3DS

You know nothing, Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega announces Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice exclusively for 3DS
| Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
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Here's one that I doubt anyone saw coming. Sega has announced that a sequel to Sonic Boom, entitled Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, will be coming exclusively to 3DS this winter.

The new game will returns to its roots of 2D platforming, but rather than just a focus on speeding through levels, SEGA promises routes that allow for exploration and puzzle-solving.

The puzzles will likely involve the new fire and ice mechanics, which see you using these elements as part of special moves to remove obstacles and destroy enemies.

Other new additions include Amy as a playable character, and a new villain known as D-Fekt, which I believe is a pun on "defect" and not an Irish swearword.

There'll also be some multiplayer action too with the new Bot Racing, a mode that, presumably, has you racing bots along levels.

Given that Sonic Boom was a critical failure, it's hard to see why a sequel was considered necessary. But who knows, maybe Sega won't make a mess of it this time.

Ric Cowley
Ric Cowley
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