Score a goal in Soccer Moves using the intuitive and charming football-based puzzles

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Score a goal in Soccer Moves using the intuitive and charming football-based puzzles
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The most intense moments in a game of football generally occur in the final third of the pitch. Where the goals are, of course.

In Fuzzy Logic's free iOS and Android game Soccer Moves, you control one or more attackers and have a limited amount of moves with which to score a goal.

To pass, and run to (or with) the ball, you draw lines from the player to the point at which you want them or the ball to end up.

There is a limit to how far this line can be drawn, mind.

Soccer Moves

You aim to steer clear of the defenders who will move according to where the ball is being played. A single successful tackle made against you will result in your starting the level again.

Ultimately, you want a clear shot on the goal. Once you've got into that position, you have to tap a fluctuating bar that moves from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold. This determines your ranking for the level upon completion.

There are also bonus objectives to aim for here, such as scoring in the penalty box or in the top-left corner of the net. By completing these objectives, you get extra points for that level.

The more points you earn, the more power-ups you can purchase. These can help you out during tricky situations later in the game.

Soccer Moves

Alongside the puzzles, Soccer Moves contains a story. You'll start off in the park with the local kids, and progress to the stadia where you have to practise more complex moves like chips and curves.

Although Soccer Moves is free to download, there are some in-app purchases (69p / 99c for the Career Mode) and extra coins. Should you want them.

Even if you don't spend any money on the game, though, you'll still get a bunch of puzzles to solve.

You can download Soccer Moves from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right now.