Epoch dev starts a snowball fight with festive cover shooter SnowJinks

Ice packed

Epoch dev starts a snowball fight with festive cover shooter SnowJinks
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Fend off bullies with volleys of snowballs in SnowJinks, the latest cover-based shooter from Uppercut Games.

While its festive theme and suburban setting are a million miles away from a grim future populated by somersaulting robots, SnowJinks actually has a lot in common with Uppercut Games's previous mobile effort, Epoch.

In SnowJinks, you play as either Jack or Jill, both of whom have been tasked with defending their neighbourhood against incoming waves of bullies.

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As in Epoch, you use gesture controls to move your character in and out of cover. Luckily for their neighbours, Jack and Jill have mean pitching arms, and can launch snowballs toward their foes at a moment's notice.

Enemies range from basic ice-lobbing goons to spoiled kids with Super Soakers full of snow.

Cold as ice

Of course, there's more than one way to take out a thug. By collecting the power-up presents scattered around the stages, you can transform your snowballs into fireballs, or freeze ruffians where they stand.

You can also purchase ammo upgrades and accessories (like novelty hats) with the Coins you collect on your travels.

If you fancy dishing out some icy justice, SnowJinks is available on iPhone and iPad for 69p / 99c now.

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