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Snowbreak: Containment Zone, Seasun Games' high concept, sci-fi RPG shooter, is out now on iOS and Android

Snowbreak: Containment Zone, Seasun Games' high concept, sci-fi RPG shooter, is out now on iOS and Android

Seasun Games has officially launched Snowbreak: Containment Zone, the studio's highly anticipated RPG shooter on iOS and Android. The 3D sci-fi title boasts more than 2.5 million pre-registrations across the globe - and now, players can get their hands on bountiful launch rewards and 5-star characters for free as they fight for humanity's survival.

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In Snowbreak: Containment Zone, players will step into the shoes of the Adjutant of the Heimdall Force in the year 2057. To pick up the pieces of the cataclysmic event called "The Descent", they'll have to deploy powerful Manifestations to defeat colossal Titans in action-packed third-person shooter combat.

With the global launch, the development team has incorporated players' feedback from the testing phase to optimise combat and boost immersion. For instance, fan-fave Giant Girl Titan - Ymir is now an epic boss encounter across different levels. Players can also strategise their moves in combat with the Cover System, where taking cover during firefights can offer players an upper hand in battle.

Meanwhile, the new Base System lets players bond with their operatives and interact with them for a more personal relationship. They can also customise rooms, offer gifts, and take a break from all the battling. 5-star versions of Lyfe, Fenny, Fritia, Acacia, Marian and Yao are now available as well.

Once players clear the Main Story [Normal] 5-12, they can obtain a 5-star or orange-tier operative as a special launch reward on top of the login bonuses and 7-day mission rewards. Players can also expect to score milestone goodies at launch and have the opportunity to receive even more rewards by redeeming the limited-time code “sqj68y7et2” until 31st July (23:59 UTC-7) to score DigiCash x100, SilverBuck x10,000, and Rare Augmentation Kit x3.

If you're eager to dive into a world reshaped by AI and Titans roaming the earth, you can download Snowbreak: Containment Zone on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can also experience different game modes such as Underground Purge, Tactic Evaluation, Clash of Honor, and Neural Simulation, so download the game and begin your adventure today.