Bubble Bobble-like arcade classic Snow Bros rolls out for Android

The best snow job your phone will ever get

Bubble Bobble-like arcade classic Snow Bros rolls out for Android
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The 1990 arcade classic Snow Bros has been resurrected thanks to the Isac Entertainment Corp and is available now for Android phones for 99c or local equivalent.

For those unfamiliar with the title, the gameplay of Snow Bros is similar to the NES classic Bubble Bobble.

Two snowmen (Nick and Tom) caper about a 2D platform stage while throwing snowballs at enemies. When an enemy is hit with enough snowballs, they turn into a giant snowball themselves and can then be smashed against a wall or used to roll over other enemies.

Two modes for two ways to play

Snow Bros comes to Google Play with two separate gameplay modes: One Coin Mode and Stage Mode.

The accurately named One Coin Mode will appeal to arcade purists as the goal is to clear the game using only one coin.

For those of us who don’t find the sight of a game over screen to be all that thrilling, Stage Mode updates the gameplay of Snow Bros to the mobile gamescape and allows users to select stages in screens similar to those found on mobile gaming standards like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope.

With 50 stages to play through and an overall app size of 35M, Snow Bros is a cool deal for those looking for some retro arcade gameplay on their Droid phones.

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