Snoopy the Flying Ace takes off

Woodstock is at the top of his tree

Snoopy the Flying Ace takes off

Namco Bandai just dropped us a line to let us know Snoopy is finally flying onto UK mobile decks in his kennel-mounted adventure, Snoopy the Flying Ace.

We took a look at Snoopy’s latest game back in January, in which he landed himself a well-earned Silver Award, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting his official take off.

The mute Peanuts mutt is, as ever, accompanied by his feathered cohort, Woodstock as they attempt to get his nest back up into the tree using balloons.

A variety of weather conditions conspire to make Snoopy's flying ace antics more difficult, while kites tangle themselves around his flight path and the Red Baron makes the odd surprise appearance to challenge Snoopy’s aerial dominance.

There are plenty of flying techniques for you to master to help Snoopy avoid his arch-nemesis, of course, including low level stunt flying, loop the loop and a supply of root beer to use as a speed boost.

Chocks away!