App Army Assembles - Snakebird Primer gets our community in a twist

| Snakebird Primer
App Army Assembles - Snakebird Primer gets our community in a twist

The App Army try to wrap their heads around this tricky puzzler

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Snakebird Primer is a follow-up to Snakebird, a super-tough puzzler from a couple of years ago. The Primer edition tweaks the difficulty down a bit to encourage new players in, but retains the gorgeous graphics of the original - a game former PG Editor Mark Brown absolutely bloody loves.

But what do we know? We're just some fools running a website about mobile games. So we decided to give our community of mobile gaming fanatics, the App Army, their hands on the game as well.

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Paul Manchester - iPhone SE

Don’t be fooled by the colourful (VERY colourful) cartoon aesthetics of this tough little puzzler. Things start out easy enough but soon had me scratching my head for solutions. The open nature of the level select means you can always dip into another puzzle if you need a break from a particularly troublesome scenario, keeping any phones from getting launched across the room.

The controls took a few minutes to get used to and I did find I selected the wrong character more than once, but an easy undo feature meant I didn’t get punished for these mistakes. Easy to recommend for any puzzle fans out there.

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Olivier Boesch - iPhone X

I am a puzzle-game fan. I like when there is challenge, reflection and difficulty while remaining accessible. Snakebird Primer offers all this, in a colorful environment, with the Snakebird's spirit (the first game), but more simple and accessible for any type of player.

The goal is simple: to make sure that all the birds arrive on the exit portal. The levels (which are unlocked in a disparate way) will add various elements like fruits to eat, spades, blocks to move, etc. To succeed, just make a few swipes on the screen, think, even if it is not always easy.

The star levels add even more thought. The gameplay is very nice and easy to touch, with a "cancel" button very convenient, and a very ergonomic interface. A good puzzle game that deserves to be played by all fans of the genre.

Roman Valerio - iPad Air

For quite some time I've been on the lookout for a decent puzzler with a clever mechanic and I reckon that I found one in Snakebird Primer. At a glance the task at hand looks pretty simple: make your way to a rainbow-colored exit by performing all-directional swiping gestures on screen to move a snakebird, which gets bigger in size each time it gobbles a delicious exotic fruit.

It was somewhat of a cakewalk at start, but after completing 3 dozen levels the game gets pretty tough with new types of obstacles hurdling your way. One should definitely put in a good word regarding this game's art and sounds, which are absolutely fabulous in my opinion.

All the characters and level backgrounds are extremely colorful and in this respect Snakebird Primer could very well become a fun-filled family affair.

The only and the biggest gripe I have so far is the price of the game in question, which might be a little too high considering its scope and the fact that this is not a console port. Anyway, all fans of brain-tickling video games should certainly give it a try.

Dries Pretorius - iPad Air

The question on my mind in engaging with Primer was concerned with whether or not there would be any real challenge here. The original game was notoriously difficult, so the developers market Primer as a comprehensive tutorial.

The result, and to address my question, is a game that does provide a challenge from around level 60, on a really gradual learning curve. The easy levels are quick to solve, and the more challenging levels unlock in tandem with the easier levels, meaning you won't have to play through 60 stages to find your groove.

The concept of controlling one or more Snakebirds attempting to navigate the space and their own bodies in it, the more fruit your Snakebird eats the longer its body gets, as with the Nokia classic Snake, your body is its own dynamic obstacle.

There is a feeling that you are engaging with a single puzzle aspect in each level, like a furious gauntlet that has been disassembled into the basic actions which comprise it. Primer serves its function perfectly, undaunting but never boring. When you beat it there is an entire game consisting of furious gauntlets you can apply your well laid logic to.

Funem - Samsung S9 Plus

I played the original Snakebird and loved the puzzle element to the game, the graphics, control and the whole look and feel of it. Snakebird Primer is more of the same but it has easier puzzles to solve.

I love puzzle games and play a lot of them and there are certain elements that I look for other than the actual puzzle part, they are the ability to quickly restart a level and the ability to step backwards to the point where you realised you made a mistake. This has both of these which makes learning to play much easier as well as solving the puzzles without a lot of frustration.

The object is to traverse an area and reach the end goal. Controls are up, down, left and, right swipes to move your Snakebird one move at a time, to change to a different Snakebird you simply tap on it, that bird then becomes the focus of your move.

You move around the platform-like scenery eating food, which makes you longer, too long and you may get stuck, to short and you may not make it to the next ledge you want to reach, make a wrong turn and you may get stuck unable to turn and move. If you remember the Nokia Snake game where you move around eating fruit trying to avoid your own tail, the concept is the same, except now you have to reach an exit.

It’s about knowing when to eat the food and knowing when to avoid it and planning your route so you don’t get stuck. Later levels introduce new elements like being able to move blocks by pushing against them. The game is easier than the original, the developers know this as they even say in the game with the message “Too easy? Then try the original game”, right on the starting screen.

You could say the “Primer” in the game's name is because this game could be seen as a primer for the harder original game. In closing, it’s a great game and well worth spending time with and is a good colourful puzzler.

Aharon Verno - iPhone XS Max

Snakebird Primer is a unique and colorful puzzle game. You swipe a direction and your snake moves 1 space in that direction. If you move into fruit your snake grows by a length as well which will allow you go reach higher places or get in your own way.

As someone who never played the original game, Snakebird Primer throws you right into the deep end without explaining the mechanics or the rules. I could have used more of a tutorial to understand the rules of the game around climbing up to platforms and also when you stick to the platform or fall down.

Luckily losing in Snakebird Primer is no big deal since you can just hit the undo button at any time to go back 1 move. You can use this to quickly iterate on your plan in a level so it's never frustrating when you make a mistake. The devs for Snakebird Primer made a great choice to include the undo button and not have any loading screens get in the way of retrying a puzzle.

Playing Snakebird Primer has made me want to go back and play the original game now. I recommend Snakebird Primer for anyone who's looking for a new puzzle game that's great for quick bursts or longer sessions.

Ed Davis - iPhone XR

Warning! This game is addictive! The simple and cartoony (slightly childish) graphic style to the game can fool anyone into thinking this might be a simple game. The progression in difficulty slowly ramps up to a point where I had to spend a good 5 minutes deciding on how to complete some levels.This gets especially difficult when you have to control 4 bird-worm things (not really sure what they are).

After each level completed, several more might appear and you have the option to jump right to the 50th level when the next one in your sequence might be 11. This, I feel, allows those that are looking for the challenge to access it early on in the game.

I would say that this game is a must-have for anyone looking for that next puzzler.

Mark Abukoff - iPhone XS

I was really pleasantly surprised by this game. An engaging and clever and fairly unique puzzler that really engages my creative problem-solving itch. Easy to pick up and start to work your way through.

While there were a couple of levels that I gave up on in frustration, it allows you to skip some levels so as to not ruin the experience. And don’t give up early, cause it’s even better when you end up controlling more than one creature. And as others have pointed out, if you make a mistake you can easily back up without starting from the beginning. A nice touch!

The music, though not to my taste, was perfectly appropriate and added to the overall package. Bright and fun colors and graphics and easy and responsive controls. This is a game that looks and sounds like it’s directed at kids, but I’m pretty sure that anyone can appreciate this really fun and clever puzzler.

Joseph Mark Maceiko

I had never played the first Snakebird, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with Snakebird Prime. I have several puzzle type games on my tablet and this will be a permanent addition. The game play is challenging and spot on.

I appreciate the ability to rewind my moves and try a different route. I like how the difficulty increases as you go. You also have the opportunity to play higher levels will working through the levels. Having to control multiple Snakebirds and use teamwork to solve some of the challenges helps keep the gameplay fresh.

The graphics are well done and colorful, which fits this game well. Overall, this is a well done puzzler with some platforming elements.

If you are a fan of puzzle type games, this game would make a solid addition to your library. Non-puzzle gamers might enjoy giving this game a try. I enjoyed this game well enough that a want to try the original Snakebird game.

Lalol Hernández Gómez - iPhone 7

Lately I don’t play that much on my device due to work and when I play, I tend to go directly towards action/multiplayer based games. Even so, Snakebird Primer hits the right spot with its simple control scheme, undo button and complex problem solving.

The game is really well thought and the touchscreen controls benefit from its simple controls. Also I love when you complete a level you gain access to adjacent levels. (i.e.: I unlocked level 49 finishing level 10 because it’s on the right side of level 10). This way you could try more difficult levels and get a sneak peak of later challenges.

Oksana Ryan - iPad Pro

This is a great game that had me entertained for a long time. The object of the game is to move around various obstacles, eating fruit and exiting through a rainbow portal. At the start it seems easy enough, but as you progress the challenge kicks in and that’s when it becomes enjoyable.

The variety of obstacles, the levels where you have to move multiple Snakebirds and the large array of fruit all give the game a fresh feeling. The graphics are bright and colourful but I found the sound really annoying and turned it off. If you feel that you’re not being challenged enough, there are higher levels unlocked early, so you can swap up and down, depending on your mood.

Would I buy this game? Yes I would, but I’d have to wait for a sale as it is a little expensive at the current price.

Quincy Jones - iPhone 8 Plus

I honestly don’t remember if I played the original game or not so I went into this experience bit expecting much in the way of amusement or enjoyment as these games seem to all fizzle out within a few minutes of playing them lately.

I’m here to report that this one actually succeeds quite nicely and has actually impressed me with how much fun I’m having.

The levels are short but sweet and the challenge slowly but surely start to increase. It’s a bright and colorful world with simple graphics that work and the controls are perfect and having the ability to redo your mistakes instead of having to start over is brilliant.

Whoever said less is more was absolutely correct in this instance - perfect for a short or long ride.

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