Zipline hits the spin button with Vega-style Slots Tycoon

Get your Nudge on

Zipline hits the spin button with Vega-style Slots Tycoon
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With the US authorities still umming and arring over real-money online gambling, there are plenty of developers ready to make the most of the next best thing - virtual money gambling.

Slots Tycoon is a little difference from the massed ranks of mobile poker games, however.

Think of it as more of an arcade thrill as you work your way spinning and winning through the five slot machines provided, each of which has its own art theme - neon diner, old style carousel, Chinese dragon etc - and music.

All lined up

The developer is US outfit Zipline, which made a splash with the Wolf Toss physics game, but is more generally focused on its Maoi middleware engine.

That's been used by other developers to make iOS and Android titles including Crimson: Steam Pirates, The Moron Test 2, and it's also being used for Tim Schafer's kickstarted Double Fine Adventure.

Of course, being a free-to-play game, you can buy more virtual coins if you run out and want to keep on playing, as well as winning more in-game and earning more with incentivised actions such as downloading games and watching videos.

Zipline says it expects to be adding more slot machines to Slots Tycoon in future update.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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