ICQ's Slide-a-Lama slips onto mobile

Instant messaging giant ICQ gets a little help from its Czech mates

ICQ's Slide-a-Lama slips onto mobile
| Slide-A-Lama

The convergence between casual internet entertainment and the games you play on your mobile is continuing apace, with yet another popular title shifting over to phones in the form of ICQ's Slide-a-Lama.

Following in the footsteps of Zuma, Luxor and Pile Up! in moving from PC to mobile, Slide-a-Lama combines colourful graphics with simple addictive gameplay, in this case lining up fruit within a temple in order to convert your opponents lamas to your faith. Although we do wonder what the the Dalai Lama would make of it? (If you're reading Mr Lama, you're welcome to email in…)

As you might expect from a game tied into a messaging service, multiplayer match-ups played a big part in the success of the original game. This could also be true of the mobile version, as Czech publisher Redboss has confirmed that Bluetooth head-to-head challenges will be on offer, alongside a single-player version where you take on the CPU.

Redboss CEO Jan Rezab didn't need to resort to ICQ to communicate his enthusiasm. "Slide-a-Lama is a great casual game, which can keep players amused for hours. It is a perfect example of how a simple idea together with a superb player experience creates a great game. We are dedicated to bring all the best features of the PC version to mobile phones including graphics, sounds and, of course, the multiplayer option".

Due for a global release sometime in the third quarter of 2006 (so around now then), you can be sure we'll be displacing any exiled religious leaders that attempt to block our path in order to bring you the first review.