Slide-a-lama slips onto phones

Redboss' quirky puzzler is available to buy

Slide-a-lama slips onto phones
| Slide-A-Lama

Keen readers may remember our story about Slide-a-lama back in August. Based on a game available through the ICQ instant messaging application online, Redboss was turning it into a mobile version.

Well, it's now out for you to buy, in a single-player incarnation. In the same vein as popular puzzlers like Zuma, Luxor and Pile Up!, Slide-a-lama sees you lining up colourful fruit in a temple.

The game features cutesy animation and three difficulty levels, although sadly the Bluetooth multiplayer feature mooted back in August doesn't appear to have made it in.

However, it's still likely to be popular: 50,000 people play the ICQ version every day, and they could be keen to get some practise in on mobile.

We'll have a review for you just as soon as it slides onto our review handsets. Click 'Track It!' to stay informed.