Upcoming Slayin 2.0 update doubles the amount of playable characters

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Upcoming Slayin 2.0 update doubles the amount of playable characters
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The Bronze Award-winning endless RPG Slayin hasn't changed much since its debut last April.

But that's set to change next week when it reboots as Slayin 2.0 with a free update that'll introduce three new characters into the mix.

The upcoming Ninja, Trainer, and Archer classes all have a unique playstyle that'll separate them from one another - and you can see them all in action in the trailer below.

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If you haven't played Slayin yet, it's sort of like an endless runner and an RPG had a baby - and that baby ate a huge pile of sugary snacks.

The overall goal is to dart back and forth on the levels, killing as many monsters as you can. When you die, your run ends, and the motivation to start back up again depends on how much you care about chasing down a high score - or unlocking the other characters.

In our review of Slayin, we praised its retro feel and chiptune soundtrack calling it "a solid casual game that chooses its influences wisely" but noted that it wasn't as compelling as other pixelated outings like Ridiculous Fishing.

Still, it's a good bit of fun and the 2.0 update is certainly a welcome one. TouchArcade notes that the free update's due out on January 23.

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