Skylanders: Ring of Heroes' latest update introduces a new portal master and two characters

Mysticat and Chopscotch join the ever-growing roster of Skylanders

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes' latest update introduces a new portal master and two characters

Com2uS' RPG Skylanders: Ring of Heroes has received a new update that introduces a new portal master and characters to the game. This follows the recent overhaul to Ring of Heroes that saw the role of portal masters become more significant.

The new portal master arriving in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is Ryeo. Portal masters are powerful characters that control the battlefield with unique skills. In Ryeo's case, this is an attack buff for their allies that hasn't previously been available in the game.

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Meanwhile, two new Skylanders have also been introduced as part of the latest update, Mysticat and Chopscotch. The former is a legendary character that possesses the ability to recover allies' HP alongside granting them various immunities against otherwise harmful effects.

Chopscoth, meanwhile, is a defend type character that Com2uS has described as being a 'tanker for tankers'. Essentially, this means that they will be able to neutralise the power of their opponent's tanker, effectively making them useless on the battlefield.

Alongside the addition of the new characters and portal master, there will also be a commemorative event to celebrate their arrival. This will be a login event that will take place from now until January 7th.

There will also be a wheel event underway where players can acquire tickets by completing various mission objectives. This tickets can then be exchanged for a plethora of different rewards including summon tickets to further bolster their Skylanders collection.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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