Skylanders Ring of Heroes' latest update adds new co-op content with Guild Battles

Skylanders Ring of Heroes' latest update adds new co-op content with Guild Battles

Skylanders Ring of Heroes, a turn-based RPG by Com2uS, will be changing the gameplay experience for the players by adding one of the most awaited features. In the new update, new cooperative content has been introduced that allows you to play with your guild members in guild battles.

With the new guild battle feature, players now have the option to up to 10 guild members and pair with them to enter the guild battle. These battles will also be closely connected to the seasons. The players who have joined a guild are eligible to take part in it, obviously.

The guild battles in a season will consist of five in total and each battle will be continued for 2 days followed by a day of break time. As long as you have a guild or you are a member with at least 10 players, you are free to enter the seasonal guild battles.

With regards to the bases for the battles, the game will feature 10 bases in total. During the guild battles, use the rechargeable Energy efficiently to provide back up for defending the ally bases and attacks on the enemies to capture theirs.

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The guild with maximum conquered bases at the end of the battle is declared as the winner. And players can proudly collect the guild points based on the result. Also, the points can be exchanged at the end of the season for some exclusive rewards.

To welcome the new in-game content, Com2uS will hold a new special event for the users to claim free exclusive rewards such as the Premium Summon Ticket, which can be used to exchange for the best grade Skylanders.

Additionally, other various upgrade materials can also be claimed until May 12th with new missions that focus on the latest additions to attract more new players and allow the existing ones to explore them.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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