Skylanders Ring of Heroes' latest update introduces a new Legendary Skylander and lots more

Skylanders Ring of Heroes' latest update introduces a new Legendary Skylander and lots more

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a popular turn-based RPG known for its unique characters and game mechanics. Developed by Com2Us, the game has received a major update in the previous week.

Details of the update-

New Legendary Skylander - Light Hex

  • The update adds a new Legendary Skylander, Light Hex, into their unique roster to upgrade into battle.
  • Light Hex is a Support class character who uses the power of Light to empower his allies’ defences by draining an enemy’s strength. Light Hex completely fits into any team composition due to his unique skillsets.
New Light/Dark Premium Summon System
  • As the game is constantly increasing the number of characters, the devs decided to make the acquisition of heroes a bit easier. The game has now introduced a new summon system called Light/Dark Premium Summon System. From now on, players will have a more direct path to acquire Light and Dark Skylander units like Light Hex.
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Guardian Subjugation and Elimination System
  • Skylanders will now feature a new subjugation and elimination system. The system provides players with significantly easier paths to progress quickly through multiple levels. One of the important additions in this update is the Guardian Subjugation which is now available in Adventure Mode.
  • Players can now automatically clear stages in the background while playing other content, and can run even when the game isn’t being played. This makes the task of the players a lot easier as they can grind the levels without actually playing it. Elimination System will grant instant level up and faster game progression.
Special Login Event
  • There will also be a special login event available to players, starting from March 12th till March 25th. Players who login in between the event period will be able to claim the daily login rewards in the form of special summon tickets to get Light and Dark Skylanders. Also, there will be an event that will include special missions where players can grab popular items such as Skill Power-up Stones, Superboost Keys, and more.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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