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Skeletal Avenger is out now on iOS, letting players defeat foes by chucking their undead heads

Skeletal Avenger is out now on iOS, letting players defeat foes by chucking their undead heads

The new roguelite dungeon crawler from 10tons is out now - Skeletal Avenger lets you hack and slash your way through unholy foes for iOS users everywhere. Players will step into the shoes of a wronged skeleton who's willing to do anything just to avenge his own death - even decapitating himself.

Skeletal Avenger features over fifty perks and what-have-yous that will make each new run different from the last. Special attacks are unleashed through "head-chucking" moves as determined by your hat, while the procedurally generated levels throw more than a dozen unique enemies at you.

Varied perks are the game's jam - for instance, you can pick an Infernal Shield to gain invulnerability for two seconds after taking a hit (with a cooldown of ten seconds). Meanwhile, the Springy Knees perk lets you gain some extra dash recharge speed at 30%, and the Flaming Weapons perk buffs your primary attack with +10 Fire damage.

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The four biomes - Dungeons, Sewers, Dark Caverns, and the Sorcerer's Castle - will test your skills throughout the main game mode, and the NG+ mode offers endless quests for you to complete when you're itching for more head-throwing action. The Arena Challenges, on the other hand, will put your avenging abilities to the test as well.

If you're eager to give the game a go, Skeletal Avenger is available to download on the iOS App Store for $5.99 or your local equivalent. You can also take a sneak peek at the release trailer embedded above to get a feel of the title's gameplay, and to check out the titular skeleton's self-decapitating techniques.

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