[Update] SineWave, the rhythm shooter from ex-DJ Hero folk, blasts a beat on iOS this week

Put a donk on it (Updated with pricing deets)

[Update] SineWave, the rhythm shooter from ex-DJ Hero folk, blasts a beat on iOS this week
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Updated on January 12th at 14:12: Mad Fellows got back to me about the pricing and the Android version of SineWave.

It will be free to download on the App Store and will come with three tracks.

You can purchase packs of extra tracks in the game's store.

Currently, Mad Fellows has no idea of when the Android version might arrive as it's focusing on the iOS version still.

Original story follows...

Mad Fellows will be bringing its rhythmic tunnel shooter SineWave to iOS on January 15th.

It has you controlling a ship as it zips at high speed through a twisted, sci-fi tunnel to drum 'n' bass and dubstep tracks.

The task is to ensure the ship dodges all of the barriers that cut up the inside of the tube while also shooting drones and doors that get in your way.

It's a visual treat, with deep purple and blue levels, glowing orange trim lights, and sleek ship designs.

It has also got an excellent line-up of musicians providing the beats, including Noisia, SKisM, and Zomboy.


You may remember that I had some time with the game back in August last year, noting a few slight issues. Well, Mad Fellows says it has taken that on board and made fixes to address those criticisms.

We'll have a review up soon to let you know if that's the case.

In the meantime, I've reached out to Mad Fellows about SineWave's pricing details. I've also asked when we might expect the Android version to arrive.

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