iPhone shooter Silverfish gets new mode and price drop with update

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iPhone shooter Silverfish gets new mode and price drop with update
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Silverfish, the manic arcade-shooter from Chaotic Box, has received a massive new update, and a hefty price cut to celebrate.

The standout new feature is Haste mode, a vamped up edition of Reaper mode with new parasitic and infected foes and a new vigor powerup to take them out. It also comes with six bonus Game Center achievements to gun for.

On the technical side, the game now features iOS 4 multitasking so you can pop out mid-match to send a tweet without losing your progress. There’s also automatic game save-and-restore functions so you’ll never lose your best scores. Finally, you can now completely tweak, change, and fiddle with the game’s D-pad controls.

The update also brings a host of tweaks and fixes for more reliable Game Center support when offline and various performance optimisations that should make the frenzied on-screen action flow even more smoothly than before.

To celebrate the new release, Silverfish is currently on sale on iPhone and iPod touch for 59p / 99c / €0.79c.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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