Free version of Silverfish released for iPhone

Full version now just 59p

Free version of Silverfish released for iPhone
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Chaotic Games has released a free iAd-supported version of iPhone shooter Silverfish.

Silverfish Free is based on the original release and sees the player using intuitive flick and tap controls to guide bugs into power pods, which explode on contact.

The game features Retina display graphics as well as a Quick Play mode based on the full version's Reaper mode. Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements are also included, two of which are exclusive to Silverfish Free.

The full version of the game achieved an impressive Silver Award when it was reviewed back in November 2010, and includes four different modes, more achievements and enemies as well as (of course) no advertisements.

To celebrate the release of Silverfish Free, the full game has received a price cut and is now £0.59/$0.99.

Steve McCaskill
Steve McCaskill
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