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SIEGE: Apocalypse - Reasons to play this real-time 1v1 military card battler on mobile

SIEGE: Apocalypse - Reasons to play this real-time 1v1 military card battler on mobile

Every end-of-the-world scenario starts somewhere, and in SIEGE: Apocalypse, players will discover and play through the early days of the War Commander Universe. Fight back against the Scarlet Brigade and engage in thrilling PvP matches while building your deck on the battlefield, all set in a realistic and gritty military-themed world.

If blasting away at opponents using tanks and missiles doesn't seem appealing enough, here are just a handful of more reasons why you should dive into KIXEYE's 1v1 card battler today.

Deep deckbuilding mechanics

In SIEGE: Apocalypse, each new Commander will kick off their epic mission with a starting deck of Units and Tactics. Special ops and upgradable units include Rocket Launcher Troops, Riflemen, Battle Tanks, Barbed Wire Fences and so on. These cards each have different strengths and weaknesses that players can take advantage of on the battlefield to best their opponents.

Players will start their siege against the Scarlet Brigade in the Badlands. Winning battles lets you collect Units and Tactics that you'll have to manage equally, as a good balance between light infantry and heavy armor will help you progress through each stage. Eventually, more cards like Helicopters and Drones will soon be available to you so you can truly up your game in battle.

Real-time, near-future combat

Designed for quick, high adrenaline matches, SIEGE: Apocalypse features adrenaline-pumping real-time combat where players can unleash their inner tactician. Commanders will have to find a good variety of cards in their deck without relying too much on a single unit to achieve sweeping victories.

Different Units can occupy defensive positions, while some boost your army's efficiency depending on your playstyle. You can freely switch things up with different strategies depending on the mission and the terrain, making for exciting battles whether you're duking it out with another player across the globe or aiming for the top spot in the leaderboards.

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Fun co-op play

Speaking of multiplayer features, the game also boasts co-op play that keeps things social even when you're at war. Players can join alliances and play with friends, or they can share tactics on how to win battles in the most efficient way possible.

For instance, proper infantry armor balance - as well as strategic variety - is key to winning different kinds of battles. There is no one way to win all the time, so you can't simply overwhelm your foes with brute force - whoever has the superior strategy wins.

Of course, that also means that dominating the leaderboards isn't fixed - anyone can topple anyone and nab that top spot in the seasonal PvP ladders. For instance, a player who hordes Supply as the battle progresses may not always have the best tactic to win.

Engaging lore expansion in the world of War Commander

Since War Commander launched in 2011, it has been engaging players in a vast universe that SIEGE: Apocalypse is benefiting from today. Players can discover the truth about how the first Rogue group brought the world to its downfall, and bits and pieces of the narrative will be uncovered as the game's updates roll out in the future.

If you're curious about giving the game a go and experiencing it for yourself, you can download SIEGE: Apocalypse on the iOS App Store or on Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.