Kickstart this: Shrug Island is a musical and magical water colour adventure

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Kickstart this: Shrug Island is a musical and magical water colour adventure
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Shrug Island looks like it will join the prestigious ranks of recent hand-drawn adventure games like Machinarium and The Inner World.

It'll follow a group of friends as they traverse the titular island in order to reunite. Overcoming the rolling hills and shore-side caves involves using their unique skills of inquisition and shapeshifting.

There is also a cast of natives who you'll have to get in tune with to perform musical rituals, which are necessary to open up the way forward.

The water colour artwork gives the game a dreamy and ethereal look to accompany its ambient story and music.

I know this because I've played the Windows demo, Shrug Song [download], which gives you a feel for what Shrug Island will hopefully be.

But if you're not on PC, then there's also the Android game Shrug Tides [download] for you to try out. It doesn't quite live up to the promise of Shrug Song, unfortunately.

Still, if you'd like to see Shrug Island on your PC or tablet, consider funding the game on Kickstarter.

Amazu Media is looking for $25,000 in total to make it happen. You can get sketches, copies of the game, and the soundtrack in exchange for your money.

Any more information you may want about Shrug Island can be found on the Kickstarter page.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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