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Shiny The Firefly

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Shiny The Firefly

2D platformers have had quite the resurgence in the last few years, largely thanks to how accessible and digestible they are on mobile formats.

The trouble is, there are now so many of them that a new entry has to be sensationally interesting to stand out.

Stage Clear Studios's Shiny The Firefly definitely has polish, but there's something crucially missing beneath its glossy surface.

Touch on, touch off

Shiny The Firefly's story isn't that deep, but it establishes a tidy enough premise as Shiny sets off in search of his lost babies across three worlds and 33 levels.

You'll navigate your way through each world solving puzzle-based problems, hiding from big enemies, and fighting off smaller foes. You'll also block waterfalls and leaking pipes by either growing a plant in fertile soil or knocking a nearby stone into place.

In order to attract his babies Shiny needs to be lit up like the fourth of July. However, this attracts the attention of enemies, meaning you'll need to think tactically to work your way through levels.

There are also coins to collect and a race against the clock to make it to the finish and gain the coveted stars.

Gameplay is simple enough, with just a tap needed to direct Shiny where you want him to go. A double-tap performs a little dash, which lets you bash into objects or just to evade hazards - of which there are plenty.

Stage Clear Studios really has thought about every little detail for Shiny the Firefly, but there's one ingredient it's conspicuously failed to include. Fun.

Tarnished shine

Moving through levels is tiresome as you find yourself wishing Shiny could move that little bit faster. Early levels, during which the game's mechanics are explained, are also mind-numbingly simple.

Shiny The Firefly is an incredibly beautiful and visually detailed game, right down to the 33 expressions that Shiny can pull.

There's some enjoyment to be had for younger and more tolerant players, and Stage Clear Studios has clearly put a lot of effort into creating Shiny The Firefly. But this doesn't rescue it from being a rather charmless platformer to play.

Shiny The Firefly

A simple distraction for a few minutes a day, Shiny The Firefly fails to entertain for long. Despite Stage Clear Studios's best efforts, it lacks the charm required for a platformer
Vaughn Highfield
Vaughn Highfield
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