Your iOS or Android Game of the Week: Shardlands

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Your iOS or Android Game of the Week: Shardlands
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One of our jobs here at Pocket Gamer Towers is to sieve through the hundreds of apps that hit the App Store and Google Play every single day and unearth the gems.

Lately, though, we've been giving you, our glorious readers, the chance to have your say, too. Basically, we've been giving you the opportunity to tell us your favourite game from a shortlist of the week's best releases.

We've now tallied up this week's votes - from comments on the site, tweets on Twitter, and votes in our Facebook poll - and the winner is: Shardlands (for iPhone and iPad).


We've been following Shardlands for a while now. Back in May, we asked if it was going to be the next smash hit for Finland - the chilly Nordic home to companies like Rovio, Remedy, and RedLynx.

We then went hands-on with the game in August (calling it "extremely striking"), and played it earlier this week (where we dubbed it "gorgeous").

Looks like we were right to give it so much attention. This is a clever and inventive puzzle game, where you guide hero Dawn through beautifully lit caves by solving environmental puzzles.

Everything's perfectly suited to the touchscreen. You can move a platform simply by dragging it with your finger. Furthermore, you move just by tapping, and can see your surroundings with an intuitive two-finger swipe. It's all effortless.

So, yeah, an easy recommendation, and an obvious contender for Game of the Week. It's £1.49 / $1.99 on iPhone and iPad.

It was a close call, mind: Atebit's elegant word battler Letterpress and GlitchSoft's He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe also attracted a lot of votes.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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