Shadow Fight Arena: Three good ways to play more defensively

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Shadow Fight Arena: Three good ways to play more defensively

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Shadow Fight Arena is a beautiful, one-on-one fighter that is made perfectly for mobile devices. It is apart of the highly popular Shadow Fight series but is the PvP version of the game. Here, you do three-on-three battles against other opponents online. 

Each player has three warriors on their team and you choose one to fight against the other. Whichever team gets eliminated first loses. So it's not a six-person fight, it's still one-on-one but you basically have three strikes to work with and with three different warriors instead of just one. 

The game offers some classic, Tekken or Street Fighter gameplay while utilizing some powerful moves that can change the course of a match. You can both attack and play defence of course and so today, we'll talk a little about some of the ways you play more conservatively if you so wish.  



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Stand Still at Certain Points

Without question, the easiest way to play some defense is by blocking in Shadow Fight Arena. And being able to block is about as easy to do as anything you've seen in any video game ever. All you need to do.....is stand there. Yup, that's right, just stand as your opponent unleashes their attacks.

This will cause you to get in some blocks. However, you still will take a small amount of damage so just keep that in mind. When you feel like it's a good time to block, then stand and take a couple of hits. After that, feel free to go for some strikes.

The blocking control (or lack thereof) is excellent for new players who feel they may have trouble swapping between an attack and a block button. There's no need to worry as simply stopping will let you defend yourself but yes, you still need to press a button to attack (sorry about that).

Keep Your Distance if Needed

Ever heard the famed expression, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" from the legendary boxer, Muhammed Ali? This was how the man himself described his fighting style. He'd dance around you, avoiding your punches, and then when the opponent started to get tired, he'd strike, and take down the other boxer.

This is one way you can approach your strategy in Shadow Fight Arena. Avoiding attacks by dodging them as well as jumping over opponents. You don't need to do this long, but feel free to do so until you see that there's an opening to go for a good, strong attack.

Rinse and repeat. play your cards right and you might receive minimal damage. It all kind of depends on the opponent you're playing against. Utilizing this strategy might give you a chance to read their movements and how they approach things.

Kicking Can Be Your Shield

One thing that we mentioned in our previous tips article about Shadow Fight Arena was the ability to use kicking attacks. Performing kicks is a great way to deal some damage and defend yourself a bit. In sports, they say that a good defense creates a great offense.

In this case, I guess you can say that a good offense creates a solid defense. It's a good move to use when you see the opponent go for a strong attack. You can use the kick and either dodge, or you can kick and swing your weapon.

Either way, a good, swift kick can come in the clutch when you need it. It's not often that an attack move can be considered defensive, but in this case, it's a bit of both. Time your kicks right and get your opponent to stumble. Oh, and get a bit of their health down too.

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