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Shadow Fight Arena brings real-time PvP combat to the popular series

Available now for iOS and Android

Shadow Fight Arena brings real-time PvP combat to the popular series

Three years after the release of Shadow Fight 3 Nekki and Banzai games have launched the next game in the series, Shadow Fight Arena. Unlike its predecessor, this new entry, which is available now for iOS and Android, will deliver real-time PvP, something that the 500 million fans of the series have been requesting for a long time.

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That means it offers a new perspective on the game's classic RPG model, though Banzai say the controls and core gameplay of the series have remained unchanged to preserve the DNA that's seen the franchise become so successful.

Instead of crafting weapons and assigning perks to one character, there will now be several different heroes to choose from. This will ensure the gameplay remains balanced and competitive. On launch, there are 15 different characters to choose from and more will be added over time.

Each of these heroes can still be upgraded to maintain that RPG feel from the previous games in the series. They'll each have their own fighting style, set of perks, and shadow abilities. There is a talent system that will change the feel of each battle significantly depending on the chosen combinations.

Players can also expect a better-looking experience than ever before too. All of the heroes, their weapons and visual effects have been recreated from scratch and locations have similarly been rebuilt. As with the previous games, Shadow Fight Arena's fighting animations have been created using Cascadeur, Nekki’s own physics-based animation software to create unique looking battles each time.

Shadow Fight Arena is free to play with in-app purchases and is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. Plans are also in place for a PC and console (including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One) release. Further details for this are expected to be announced next year!