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Quick beginner tips for mastering Shadow Fight Arena

| Shadow Fight Arena
Quick beginner tips for mastering Shadow Fight Arena

From how not to get hit to gathering shadow energy

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The latest entry in Nekki’s successful mobile fighting series is out now. Unlike its predecessors, which were story driven, Shadow Fight Arena is focused on pure, unadulterated real-time PvP.

You create your perfect three-strong team of fighters – selecting from characters seen in Shadow Fight 1, 2 and 3 – then compete in combat with fellow players around the world.

Online PvP is something Shadow Fight fans have been eagerly anticipating. But before you launch headlong into the arena, here are a few pointers to get you off to a flying-kick start…

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Choosing the right characters

In Shadow Fight Arena, there is an eclectic bunch of heroes with which to build your team of three. Differences go beyond the purely cosmetic; heroes are upgradeable, and come with varying abilities that can shape how effective they are against other fighters. For example, Azuma’s attacks neutralise shadow energy, whilst Kate’s steal it, making both better versus opponents who depend on it. That’s why it’s a good idea to build a balanced team that covers all bases – so when confronted with an opponent you know has a particular weakness, you have a fighter who can exploit it.


Timing is everything in Shadow Fight Arena. You need to judge when to make your move, and when to be still. As in the other games in the series, blocking is as simple as staying put – you don’t need to tap any buttons. Unlike when performing evasive manoeuvres, you can’t be harmed by low, high or overhead attacks when blocking. You can bide your time, wait for your opponent to strike to no avail, then follow up with a counter-attack.


Rolling lets you quickly close distance with your foe, whilst also dodging any ranged attacks. It does make you vulnerable to other forms of attack, however, so use it wisely.

Main attacks

Although all characters have their own style and unique abilities, they each share six main types of attack:

Basic attack: tap the melee button
Heavy attack: hold the melee button
Upper attack: press the movement button in an upward direction + melee button
Lower attack: press the movement button in an upward direction + melee button
Spinning attack: press the movement button in the backward direction + melee button
Special attack: hold the movement button in the direction of your opponent and tap the melee attack button the amount of times your hero requires

Throwing the enemy

There are few more satisfying ways to show your opponent who’s boss than chucking them to the floor. In Shadow Fight Arena, you need to be just the right distance in front of your enemy. Tap on the move button in their direction and the melee attack button. It can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, but just takes a little practise.

Dashing Behind

Give your opponent the slip – dash behind them by double-tapping the move button in their direction. It’s a useful way to both evade an imminent attack and get yourself out of a corner. As when rolling and jumping, you aren’t invulnerable during the dash behind manoevre, so try to time it when your enemy is mid-move and unable to punish you for it.

Avoiding special attacks

Ranged, special and shadow attacks all pose a unique threat to a fighter, but can all be evaded or interrupted with good timing.

When facing a ranged attack, you can duck, roll, jump or low kick to dodge the projectile. When it comes to ranged attacks with an area-of-effect element, you can simply steer clear of the danger zone to stay safe. Shadow attacks and special abilities are a little more unpredictable, but the same principles apply – you just need good timing.

The trickier approach to master is evading through attacking, but allows you to kill two birds with one stone; avoiding damage, whilst dealing damage.

Gathering shadow energy

Shadow energy is the magic blue stuff in the bar below your health meter. When you’ve stored enough, you can briefly switch into your shadow form and unleash hell. You can collect shadow energy by doing damage, taking damage, and avoiding fighters that sap shadow energy, such as Kate.

Now you’re ready to leave the dojo and enter Shadow Fight Arena – available for free on Android and iOS.

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