The gamers guide to banishing evil in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

These notes will have you banishing evil in no time

The gamers guide to banishing evil in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Get ready for the event of the year, because MyTona has finally released a brand new update for its hit game – Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery.

While the game was originally released in July last year, this years’ October update brings so much more to the table. With the inclusion of a brand new “dark square” location to explore, and a spooky new chest full of cool rewards to win, it’s looking like the new and improved version will be bigger and better than the original.

So if you’re new to the game or your need a little refresher, then take a look at our handy little guide to playing to help you hit the ground running.

General game play

Plunge into a world of mystery and secrets, and explore 28 amazing locations on your quest to lift the cities curse. Solve puzzles and take on testing trials to earn rewards that’ll help your progression, and defeat the monsters that’re wreaking havoc on the city – but remember, each monster can only be banished by specific objects, so keep your eyes peeled for any locals who can help you.

Monsters and banishing items

While the city was already overwhelmed with terrifying monsters, the night of Halloween eve grants the ghouls even more powers – but luckily for the people of Darkwood, you can help. With the use of unique banishing items tailored to each monster, you can defeat any evil coming your way and get rewards and points for doing so. Just remember the higher the level of monster, the more points and rewards you’ll get for defeating them – but don’t worry if you need a bit of help with getting to grips with what items banish who, because we just so happen to have a useful list to help you on your travels.

Level One and Two

Although the monsters in these levels are still scary as hell, they’re somewhat easier to vanquish than the higher level fiends.

Each monster will have a specific banishing item – so keep your eyes open for any you might see along your travels.While you can trade with various townspeople for these all important objects, you can also find them in commonplace locations such as the café, garden, and train station, so be on the lookout as it might just save your life.

Level Three

While the lower level monsters will only earn you 100 -300 coins and a maximum of 3 energy points each, those on level 3 will get you 600 coins and at least 6 energy points. Of course, for such a high reward you can expect these monsters to be a lot trickier than the one’s you’ll encounter on levels 1 and 2.

Unlike those on levels 1 and 2, the third level banishing items are fairly hard to come by. These items can only be acquired by trading with specific townsfolk, so be sure you keep them in good favour.

To deal with the Fire Elemental and Werewolf Leader, you’ll need the Neptune’s Horn and Silver Fang banishing items, which can only be created by the Blacksmith.

The Fortune Teller will help you dispose of the Clot of Dark monster by crafting Greek Fire.

As for the Gremlin Leader and Medusa, you’ll need something a tad more scientific. Speak to the Inventor to obtain an Electrical net and Mirror to drive these evil beings out of Darkwood.

Trading with the townspeople is a great way to find useful items, with everyone from the flower girl to the violinist being a possible source of help. So make sure to turn on the charm and mingle with everyone to find those important banishing items.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is available to download from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, and Amazon Appstore.