Minecraft follow-up Scrolls tipped for iPad, iPhone, Android

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Minecraft follow-up Scrolls tipped for iPad, iPhone, Android
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Indie hit Minecraft developer Mojang has announced its next game.

Scrolls, which will be released later this year, is a card game in which you battle with units and siege weapons on a grid similar to a chess board.

In the words of the developer on the Scrolls website: "you fight to outmaneuver your opponent on the battlefield using the destructive powers in your collection of magical scrolls."

The aim is to assemble a collection of scrolls to play with before the battle begins and to deploy them judiciously during battle.

While the game is set to be released on PC and Mac initially, head developer Jakob Porser has revealed in an interview with Gamasutra that smartphone and tablet editions may follow.

Porser says, "we're also thinking that this game would be great to play on an iPad. Drawing up scrolls with your fingers would be a nice touch. We're looking at smartphones in general - the Android and the iPhone and the iPad."

He adds that phone versions are more likely than console versions at this point because they allow for cross-platform play - something that's fundamental to Scrolls's multiplayer experience.

Mojang recently announced an iOS version of Minecraft, which will join several unofficial apps.

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