Mojang's cancelled card battler Scrolls was rejected by Apple


Mojang's cancelled card battler Scrolls was rejected by Apple
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We learned earlier this month that Mojang had cancelled the iPad version of its card battler Scrolls ahead of shutting down the game's development altogether in 2016.

It turns out there was a little more to this cancellation than it seemed initially.

As you might expect, Mojang received a high number of questions after releasing this news, and among the top ones was "Why didn't Scrolls go on iPad?"

Mojang answered this question (and many others) with a decent explanation in a recent devlog post.

"Scrolls was ported to tablet, and was submitted to the App Store. Unfortunately, the way Scrolls handles accounts (requiring account registration before playing) was inconsistent with Apple's guidelines," revealed Mojang.

So, essentially, the game was rejected by Apple due to this, which caused a lot of problems for the team. It was unexpected.

"We had been in communication with Apple representatives before submitting the game and mistakenly thought everything was okay," the answer continues.

"Changing Scrolls to comply with the guidelines would have been a lengthy process, and couldn't be done before the decision to close development was made."