Scream Go Hero cheats and tips - How to complete all levels without screaming the house down

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Scream Go Hero cheats and tips - How to complete all levels without screaming the house down

Scream if you want to go at all

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Ketchapp's Scream Go Hero – the soul-crushingly hard, sound-controlled platformer – is liable to make you scream your house down. Yes, you heard me right, this one is controlled by whooping, screeching, and maybe eventually crying your way through a series of spike-filled levels.

There are 12 levels in total to take on, as well as an exceptionally tricky endless mode. As you might expect, each level is harder than the last, eventually to the point where it stops feeling like they were even designed for us stupid humans.

Now, I'm not claiming to have the solutions to all your Scream Hero troubles, but I reckon some of my helpful hints will set you off on the right foot. And maybe – just maybe – you'll make it through this nightmare without the police being called.

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Remain calm

It's all too easy to get a bit carried away and start making an absolute racket. But the truth is that short, controlled boops, whoops, or whatever noise you want to make, are generally the way to go.

Maintaining a decent distance from your phone is a good idea, as up-close screaming into the mic will almost always yield disappointing results.

There's also no time limit in the levels, so you can – and should – take as long as you need.

Once you've got a groove going, you need to be wary of falling into cockiness. Nobody likes a nasty show-off, and Scream Go Hero will not reward such foolishness. So, please, keep your inner banshee well under wraps as you play.

Adjust the sensitivity asap

Not everyone has the lung capacity of a whale, so it's wise to play around with the sensitivity bar located at the bottom-left of the screen. You'll know straight away whether the default setting works for you and the environment you're playing in.

On the standard sensitivity, some jumps require a proper ear-piercing shriek. So, to save what little dignity you may have left when playing, you really need to keep tinkering with that bar, perhaps even between individual jumps.

Playing Scream Go Hero outside or on public transport isn't recommended, but if you do feel the need, it'd be wise to bump that bar up to avoid drawing too much attention your way. That being said, you do need to be mindful of annoying background noises potentially ruining your run.

Watch ads

Yes, I know you don't want to hear this, but, unless you're willing to pay, watching ads is the best way to get through levels without having to replay the same jumps over and over again.

Scream Go Hero isn't an easy game: It made my gran swear and not many things can do that. Those later levels will destroy your soul, and your passion for video games with it, if you're not careful.

Relying on revives is not something to be scoffed at; the sooner you accept this, the better.

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