First screens of Scarface on mobile

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First screens of Scarface on mobile

We must have been on holiday in Cuba when you all got together to decide that Scarface – 1983's ultra-violent gangster movie written by Oliver Stone and starring Al Pacino – was to get a mysterious revival in the field of video games in 2006.

The PSP version of Scarface we heard about back in July: now we've learned that Living Mobile is set to release a mobile game based on the gory gangster flic too.

In Scarface: The Rise of Tony Montana, you'll play Pacino's ambitious and ruthless Cuban exile turned drug kingpin Tony, prepared to do whatever it takes to get your piece of the American Dream. Particularly if what it takes involves firearms and the merciless cessation of human life, rather than, say, studying hard for your exams.

To begin with, you simply drive your boss Omar about town, enforcing his protection racket and wielding a chainsaw in self-defence. But being a footsoldier was never Tony Montana's style, so prepare to scale the slippery ranks of the criminal underworld.

Sounds bloody good? Living Mobile says Scarface: The Rise of Tony Montana will be out 'soon'.