Samba de Amigo shakes its way onto mobile

Mobile maracas mix it up in the US

Samba de Amigo shakes its way onto mobile
| Samba De Amigo

Sega Mobile has just released its maraca-shaking, Latino rhythm game, Samba de Amigo, for the mobile platform in the US. Having seen considerable success in the arcades, Dreamcast and on the Wii, it's undeniably difficult to imagine how the motion sensitive-reliant game will perform on a mobile, though Guitar Hero III has proven anything's possible with the right amount of developer imagination.

"A classic and beloved rhythm music game, Samba de Amigo has had fans shaking for years with its party-like soundtrack, colourful characters and casual yet addictive gameplay," says Tammy Robinson, senior director of mobile at Sega of America. "Samba de Amigo is another great example of the fun that can be had on the mobile platform."

Although details on the actual mechanics of play are vague at the moment, this portable fiesta of fun requires you to jam along to songs like 'Tequila', 'Tubthumping' and 'Oye Como Va' in Training, Challenge and Arcade modes.

The bad news is that when we first picked up on this game back in May, Sega Mobile's UK partner, GLU, told us in no uncertain terms it had no intentions of picking the game up for a European release. Maybe the US release will shake things up a bit (now that's comedy)?

Rattle the 'Track It!' maraca for more Samba de Amigo news as is lands.

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