Samba De Amigo Mobile NOT coming to Europe

We feel like starting a campaign

Samba De Amigo Mobile NOT coming to Europe
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Samba De Amigo on the Dreamcast console was cast-iron genius, in a way that only a game that saw you shaking a pair of plastic maracas while a sombrero-wearing monkey cavorted onscreen to Chumbawumba could be.

It's coming back for Wii soon, and in the US it's being turned into a rhythm-based mobile game by Sega Mobile. Presumably its partner Glu will bring it out in Europe, right?

Wrong! I popped by the Sega stand at the BREW 2008 show today, and they told me that Glu have opted not to release the game in Europe.

Sure, you can't plug a pair of maracas into a mobile phone, but that doesn't mean a decent rhythm game featuring monkeys couldn't be a hit in Europe! It's enough to make us start a campaign with the slogan 'Save Our Samba'.

Of course, I should reserve judgement until a) Sega shows me the actual game tomorrow, and b) Glu itself confirms that it's definitely not releasing the title in Europe.

But still, we need our mobile monkey mania fix on both sides of the Atlantic, rather than Samba De Amigo just being a US release. Say it ain't so, Glu! Say it ain't so…

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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