Destructive endless runner RunBot hits the App Store for free

Freerun for free

Destructive endless runner RunBot hits the App Store for free
| RunBot

Doesn't time fly when you're running for your life? RunBot was announced just 10 days ago, and here we are on launch day. Better grab your running boots.

This endless runner has more to offer than swiping to dodge, slide, and jump over obstacles. The eponymous parkour robot is also kitted out with missiles and a jetpack, which are vital to keeping back the authorities who are chasing you.

For those that need something more, look out for a free-falling section at the end of every level. Here, you need to dodge fast-moving hazards by tilting your device.

As you guide RunBot along its rooftop escapade, you'll need to collect batteries in order to keep its power sufficiently charged.

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The batteries double up as currency that can be spent on power upgrades and defence systems that should give you better odds in your escape.

Lastly, you can beat your friends's best scores, and for a real test there's a hardcore mode. If you think RunBot looks like it's worth a shot then head over to the App Store and download it for free.

Android device owners, RunBot will also be available for you too. Just hold tight.