Rules of Survival gets all festive with its Christmas-themed 'Give More Get More' event

New festive characters and weapon skins up for grabs

Rules of Survival gets all festive with its Christmas-themed 'Give More Get More' event
| Rules of Survival

NetEase's hit battle royale game, Rules of Survival, is about to get into the festive spirit when its Christmas event launches tomorrow, December 18th. 

The 'Give More Get More' event sees you collecting Christmas-themed items such as gingerbread men and candy canes. These can be amassed either from finding them on the battlefield or by purchasing them at the store.

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The idea is that you then gift your festive items to an in-game friend to receive Gift Points, while the recipients will get some Glamour Points. Once you've got enough Gift Points and Glamour Points, you'll be able to unlock some "mysterious Christmas gifts".

A display shelf will appear in the control panel where you'll be able to show off the items you've received and check your current Glamour and Giving rankings. If you're feeling a little nosy, you can even check out your friends' rankings.

If you happen to be endorsed by enough of your fellow players, you'll become a "true star" throughout the festive period. The top 3 Survivors on the Glamour and Giving rankings will earn themselves a place on the podium in the prep zone prior to the start of each match.

And on top of all that, those who return to Rules of Survival during the Christmas event will be gifted special Christmas cards and returnee packs. It's currently unclear what the packs actually contain. As you might expect, new Christmas-themed characters, firearm skins, and wingmen will all be available in-game while the event is running.

Rules of Survival has now achieved over 280 million downloads globally across both iOS and Android. It's still one of the more successful battle royale titles on mobile, and you can get involved now by downloading the game from the App Store or Google Play.

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