Play Cupid and force people to find love in Ruby Skies, coming soon to iOS

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Play Cupid and force people to find love in Ruby Skies, coming soon to iOS
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Indie developer East Side Games, the studio responsible for the irreverent hit Pot Farm, announced that it is ready to launch its latest title Ruby Skies for iOS.

Ruby Skies combines exploration, item collection, and relationship management into a single game that has players investigate world maps to find items that will help couples express their feelings for one another.

All of these elements are unified by the game's signature cartoony art style, which its developers describe as being 'waffles for the eyes'.

All you need is love (and Facebook)

One of the most progressive features of Ruby Skies is the complete freedom that it grants the player in terms of forming relationships between characters.

Any character in the game can be matched up with any other, regardless of gender (or even species).

Ruby Skies features social elements, and uses Facebook Connect to allow players to create relationships with their Facebook friends.

East Side Games has not revealed to what extent it plans to integrate further social elements into the future of Ruby Skies, but stated that there is a possibility of more being integrated later in the game's life cycle.

Ruby Skies has already been submitted to Apple for approval so it should appear in the App Store relatively soon.

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